Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When Mom's Too Sick to Teach

There's always a moment of dread when it's apparent someone in the house is getting sick.  After the well-being of everyone, the loss of productive time is usually what is foremost in my mind.  But even when it's me, mommy, teacher, who is down and out, sick days don't need to be a total loss.  Here's what I've learned (Now, we're talking short-term sick here.):

Care Giving
When it comes to teaching handicrafts, and including character building in a home, no better opportunity arises than loving and caring for a sicky.  Patience, compassion, servant-hood, and more, all become necessary during an illness. Whether it's fetching warm socks, or being sure all the remedies are at hand, this is not an opportunity to be wasted.  Don't forget prayer!  It provides the perfect chance for a family to lift each other up.  Often small children don't know what to make of mom being sick, but sometimes by needing them, you are giving them a gift!

Lesson Adaptation
Forget that schedule!  I know you're a read aloud family and your throat and voice, and energy level,  are currently toast.  But now is when you break out the audios you haven't had time for.  Check into radio broadcasts from sites like Lamplighter Publishing, Classics For Kids, Answers in Genesis, etc.

Remember that craft kit you bought eons ago?  The one sitting there collecting dust?  Having the kids sit quietly while working on a project is just what the Doctor ordered.  If you've chosen wisely, the end result will be something beautiful and useful (Thank you, Charlotte Mason).  If you're anything like me the "quiet" part of that is of great benefit.

I'd be remiss if I didn't add that if mom is sick, now is the perfect time for the kids to try furthering their list of "on their own" learning. Sometimes this can become a great boon for your homeschool!  We don't always want to let go of our control over certain aspects of schooling.  Be thankful!  You've just been given a gift!

Changing Perspective
When you're sick, it's okay for your kids to watch "How It's Made" for Science.  It's okay for them to play "Equate" for Math, and it's okay if they do nothing more than entertain one another.  This too (Lord willing!) shall pass, and when it's time to get back to your normal daily routine, you may actually find that someone has grown and actually learned something!  Then you can realize that keeping pace from day to day, ain't all that!

What about you?  Do you have a sick-day plan?

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