Monday, January 9, 2012

Giddy Moments

We're finishing our school work for the day, and I find myself giddy!  School is good!  We only let our books rest till the New Year before picking up where we'd left off.  I did manage to cram in some 2nd semester planning between Christmas and New Year's, and while I wish I'd had more, we needed to get busy.

So the reason I'm giddy is not because everything is perfect in our school day.  Far from it!  It's just that we are doing some new things that we love, love, LOVE!  And because I'm a big mouth who doesn't do well in the area of restrained enthusiasm.  I'll just tell ya, I'm happy to share!

First off, in December boy finished off Analytical Grammar (great curriculum!), and his literature guide from Progeny Press, "The Indian in the Cupboard".  We also all but finished our worldview book, "Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him?"  So, we had a bit of wiggle room in our schedule.  Thinking ahead to cold, dark winter days, I felt the heavier schedule would work more to our advantage, than not, so I plotted it all.  Little did I realize we'd have a January between 45-60 degrees!  Oh well.  Totally NOT complaining! :)

During Christmas, the Lord totally answered a long time prayer about a writing curriculum.  I have purchased no less than four full curriculum for writing over the years, and we've systematically rejected every single one.  It's a LONG story.  Anyway, out of desperation I cried out to the Lord--seriously--and I ended up at The Write Foundation.  With only six lessons in, I can tell you there is light and writing joy at the end of our tunnel!  Such a weight lifted.

Next, I bit the bullet; threw aside the bad memories of two absolutely horrible experiences using two well known Latin programs (that I won't mention) and what do you know?!  Third time's a charm!  Visual Latin has sparked a fire under both my kids!  And me!  And I am--you guessed it--giddy!

So what else.  Typing for both, which they love.  That's new.  Oh!  And boy is also tackling his first full, on his own Bible Study, "Life in the Word", by Sonya Shafer (Simply Charlotte Mason).  This, for me, falls under the category of discipleship, and Biblical Manhood studies, as it is teaching him how to study the Bible for himself.

I see peace in my kids with all that we are doing.  Even adding these things to our anatomy, math, Bible, history, poetry memorization, language arts, music & art studies!  Whew!  Charlotte Mason short lessons.  Such a blessing.  

Okay.  I've gotten it off my chest.  I feel better.  Time for a mini violin recital from daughter and a bit of crochet for fun.

Have you added anything new and exciting to your year?