Monday, October 31, 2011

Trimming Home : Living Room Redo

We've lived in our new home for just over a year and it's time to paint!  The living room is currently two color and not as light as I require to get through an Indiana winter without feeling like I'm living in a cave.   With that time of year fast approaching, I'm in the mood to trim out our home.

I love home trimming projects because I love to make things functional and beautiful.  I also really enjoy the process of planning a good project.  This room's trimmings will include patching and painting, installing window moldings, changing out light fixtures, and changing furniture layout.

I've measured the room and used a paint calculator to estimate the amount of paint & primer needed.  I've chosen  Valspar's Oatlands Yellow, sampled it, and I'm ready to patch some holes.

I recently saw a technique for patching wall holes that gave me new hope!  I can't stand lumps of spackle under my paint!  No matter how much I sand, it's not until the last coat dries that I seem to see how bad a job I did.  Grrr!  So here's the tip:  use a hammer to dimple the hole, and its edges in.  Then when you plaster, it will be completely flat.  No rough edges. No mounds of spackle.  Smoothing the surface is much easier and painting is so satisfying!

I can't wait for a fresh, bright room!  Pictures still to come.

Do you enjoy home painting?

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Susan said...

We've lived in our new old house for gong on three years and I have only painted the bathroom fully. Two girls rooms are partially painted! I am feeling the urge though to paint more, especially with the holidays coming. But now is not the time to throw the house upside down!