Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Respect for the Flag

One of my earliest memories of my public school days was saying the Pledge of Allegiance in elementary school.  And yes.  The one that says "one nation under God."  Between that weekly happening, Brownies and then Girl Scouts, I learned flag respect.  I couldn't wait to teach these things to my children!

That's why when my son recently asked if he could take our flag off the house and play some flag-flying, boy running, Nerf-gun wielding game with it, I said, "Uh....NO!" And then when the flag pole broke in a wind storm, he got a lesson in flag etiquette for throwing it in the floor of the garage!  I guess we'll be a little refresher course, and soon!

So what do you teach your family in the way of flag etiquette?  Tell me!

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