Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Perfect Hot Beverage

I'm on a hunt for the perfect hot beverage for winter.  As things stand today, I am not a coffee drinker, and I'm not the hugest fan of hot tea, since I gave up adding refined sugar to my recipes, I'd like to be caffeine free, but I'm horribly, and expensively addicted to International Coffee's Vanilla Nut Cafe.  I'm between two to three cups a day, sometimes relying on the sugar/caffeine combo, and definitely relying on the warmth and comfort of a hot mug!  Those two to three cups a day equal two to three packages a week, and that expense is right up there with soda and fast food.

Being ready for a change, and a savings, I'm on the look out for a replacement.  What I'm looking for is a healthier, cheaper alternative.  And before I go further, I did try to find a recipe to make it myself.  No cheaper or healthier.  So, I'm looking for a no caffeine, and low or healthier sweetener drink.  What I've tried is various teas with various natural sweeteners that, quite frankly, don't go so well together, and herbal teas which I just can't seem to get used to.  I admit.  It won't be easy.  I like creamy goodness.  I may be kidding myself, but I'm going to keep an open mind!  

For today, I'm drinking my "sick" tea, which is really very good anytime.  It's lemon based, with raw honey, and ginger.  I used to make big pitchers of it using real lemons, freshly squeezed and ginger root cut by yours truly, but I make it by the cup now.  This is because I can no longer stand throwing away fresh produce that I haven't used just because I'm a terrible judge of how much I'll use before it rots.

Here's what I use now:

Yummy raw honey, organic crushed ginger, and 100% lemon juice.  I use about 2T of lemon, about 2 pea-size squirt of ginger, and 1T or so of honey.  I add it to already heated water.  YUM!  And, it makes you feel better when your a sicky.  So for today, this drink moves to the top of my list for the perfect hot beverage. 

Do you have a recipe to share? 

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author said...

Where did you get the ginger? I've never seen it like that. What about hot cocoa? You can make your own mixes thus limiting sugar and eliminating unhealthy ingredients that are in store bought envelopes. I'm a tea drinker and I recommend you try Constant Comment by Bigelow or Herbal Peach by Lipton. You could add a touch of honey for sweetener.

Anyways, I'm glad to see you're blogging again!