Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trimming Home: Painting Furniture Black

My new paint looks fabulous, but the black furniture that I had concerns about, now looks even better!  Who-da thought painting the walls would make everything all sparkly feeling?!  I was so inspired that I grabbed a roller and brush; my handy-dandy-always-keep-it-on-hand high glass black paint and rescued a few stragglers that had yet to be transformed.  There was that horribly marred up end table from my grandfather, and a bookcase from Sam's Club.  Finally transformed.

There are a lot of reasons painting furniture black is a great idea.  The fact you can touch it up with a sharpie being foremost.  It's just super relaxing, in a home with children, to know you can roll on a fresh surface coat every now and then with little effort.  Just like the little black dress, black furniture fits every occasion, style, and budget.  And it always looks good.  Well...there is the dust issue, but we'll just be thankful for swiffer dusters (they're machine washable, you know!) and little girls who like to use them.

I forgot to take the before picture of the table, but take my word for it; it was a mess!

What do you think?  Sweet black high gloss paint!


Tracy said...

I am so happy to see you blogging! I always find something to take away from your blog. Thank you.

May I place a link to your blog on my own? I have very few readers, but your words would be a benefit to anyone who comes along your way. I am attempting to carve out the time to write again, but may take some time to catch up with everyone!

*I am still down her in B-town and my oldest actually takes piano lessons with former S-H people~they are so kind.

The Momma said...

Love me a fresh coat of black paint! Do you think it's a fad though? I think it is here to stay but I can't convince my hubby of that. :(

Restless Patriot said...

I really like the black paint. Did you put anything on after you were done painting like some sort of protective coat? Varnish?

Melissa said...

No varnish. Just high gloss paint! Love it!