Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Night Randomness

Seventy degrees in November rocks!  My doors were open today and it was so nice.  Don't you think it's much more relaxing when the house is open?

I finally got my crochet on for the winter!  I chose the yarn colors for dd8's new afghan and chose this wonderful pattern.  Crocheting makes me smile.  I love crocheting.  Just sayin'.

My furnace went out this week.  Got it fixed pretty quick.  Was mighty thankful it didn't happen when it was really cold out.

My little boy now has bigger feet than mine, as well as being taller than me.  He's twelve!  That whirling sound is life flying by!  And daughter?  Quickly gaining.  I'm good with it.  Healthy, strapping, children.  Thank you Lord.

Church community groups are awesome.  At least mine is.  Love these people!

What a pain in the rear not having a man in the house to move heavy furniture up the stairs.  Did I mention I love my community group?

I'm tired of hearing about pumpkin recipes.  But I'm still craving pumpkin seeds that I haven't gotten around to harvesting from my front porch.  Maybe this week.

We all need haircuts.  Badly.  Haircuts!  Haircuts!  Haircuts!  They pound on the table in joyful anticipation.  NOT!  Now the dentist they would be happy about!  What's with that?!!

My room is a pit.  Why is it always the room that gets the last and least attention?  Every other room is more important.  Yeesh.

Still loving my new yellow living room/kitchen.  Yellow sings sunshine 24/7.  So glad I got it done before Thanksgiving. 

Speaking of Thanksgiving.  Got me a 22lb turkey for nearly half-price.  Got me a bag to cook it in.  Even bought a pan and a baster.  Made room in the freezer.  Barely.  Thinking non-dry turkey thoughts.

Borrowed a library book on my kindle through Amazon!  It was totally cool.  Worked like a charm.

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